HT-DIST의 톤 컨트롤 네트웍의 특성을 넘어 무한한 조정이 가능하므로, 특허출원한 ISF 회로는 당신 고유의 톤을 효과적으로 디자인 하게 하고, 당신이 원하는 사운드를 만들 수 있습니다. 뿐만 아니라, 고전압 진공관 디자인의 다이나믹스와 새로 밴치마킹한 output 디자인으로 프로 레코딩이 가능하며, 이 페달은 현대적인 디스토션의 고전적인 버전입니다.
By allowing infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the HT-DIST’s tone control network, the patentapplied-for ISF circuit allows you to effectively design your own tone and find the sound in your head. Add to this the dynamics of the high voltage valve design and a no compromise speaker emulated output and this pedal is a classic amongst modern distortions.
Genuine valve design
Operates at 300V HT
Cascaded valve gain stages
Responds like a valve amp
Unique enhanced tone controls
Exclusive Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Fully equipped for stage or studio
Speaker emulated output
High integrity buffered bypass
Power supply included
Silent switching

High voltage valve design for true valve dynamics and feel.
Two cascaded ECC83 triode stages for gain from warm boost to screaming lead.
Enhanced tone network for massive tonal flexibility with traditional passive network musicality.
Patent-Applied-For ISF control allows access to infinite new sounds.
Emulated output is a new benchmark design for pro direct recording sounds.
High integrity bypass for silent switching and driving long cables.

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