HT-BOOST의 고전압 게인 회로는 앰프에 추가로 두개의 hot valve단을 추가하는 것 과 같아서 뱃터리로 작동하는 하급 제품들과는 달리 귀중한 어떠한 다이나믹이나 톤을 절대 잃지 않습니다. 뿐만 아니라, all-valve cut과 boost 톤 섹션, high level output이 있으며, 이는 당신의 진공관 앰프를 제대로 드라이브 하기 위해 특별히 디자인된 것이며, 시중에 있는 제품중 최상의 boost pedal입니다.
The HT-BOOST’s high voltage gain circuit is like adding two extra hot valve stages to your amp so, unlike with inferior battery powered products, you don’t lose any precious dynamics or tone. Add to this an all-valve cut and boost tone section and a high level output which is specially designed to drive your valve amp hard and it all adds up to the ultimate boost pedal available.
Genuine valve design
Operates at 300V HT
Cascaded valve gain stages
Hotrod your valve amp
Silent switching operation
All-valve tone control circuit
Pedals or ‘hot’ valve amplifier outputs
High integrity buffered bypass
Power supply included
Silent switching

High voltage valve design for true valve dynamics and feel
100% all-valve gain just like adding two extra hot valve stages to your amp.
Valve ‘cut & boost’ tone circuit for musical equalisation.
Two separate outputs provide one level for pedals and an extra dynamic high level for valve amps.
High integrity bypass for silent switching and driving long cables.

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