HT-5C 콤보는 독특한 5W push-pull  디자인 덕분에 어느 볼륨에서도 엄청난 크기의 톤을 즐기실 수 있습니다.
많은 수상을 한 이 기타 앰프는 강화된 톤 컨트롤과 커스텀 디자인된 12” 스피커가 특징이며, 당신이 원하는 사운드를 제대로 찾아 드릴 것입니다.

Thanks to the unique 5W push-pull design, the HT-5C combo delivers huge tone at any volume.
This award winning guitar amp features enhanced tone controls and a 12" custom designed speaker to bring you one step closer to finding 'The Sound In Your Head'.

Innovative 5 Watt valve combo
1xECC83 and 1x12BH7 valves
Unique push pull power amp design
Award winning HT Pedal preamp
Two footswitchable channels
12" Blackbird 50 custom designed speaker
Enhanced tone controls
Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Fully equipped for studio or practice
Speaker emulated output with 1x12 or 4x12 voicing h
Effects loop with effects level switch
Footswitch included
Cool vintage styling

This fully interactive control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings. In this way you can design your own sound and truly find the sound in your head.   ISF works in conjunction with the Bass, Middle and Treble controls to give you access to infinite new sound possibilities.

1. Start with ISF set to half way.
2. Adjust Bass, Middle and Treble to taste.
3. Adjust ISF to find your sound (the lower the Mid the greater the effect).

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